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USA Student Visa

A F1 Visa is granted to international students who want to attend English language programs or academic programs in the colleges or universities of the US. Students under this visa must maintain a minimum course load towards full time student status. Students who want to obtain this visa need to apply to schools and secure an I-20 visa. The validity of the F1 visa is until the length of the student’s academic program. They need to complete their studies as per the expiration date mentioned on their I-20 form which has been provided by the institution or college.

The immigration rules are strict towards the working aspect of the F1 visa holder in the USA. However, this visa allows the student to undertake part-time or on-campus (less than 20 hours) employment. The jobs that are available in the campuses will not be able to provide finances enough for a University education. Hence, it is important that F1 student has enough funds to support himself/herself regarding education in the US.

Once the F1 student successfully completes his education program, he/she is eligible for one year of practical training or OPT. This is granted for a maximum of 12 months duration. Students of mathematics, engineering, technology and science are able to extend their OPT duration to 29 months. F2 Visas are offered for dependents of F1 visa holders. Spring Overseas will provide complete assistance for F1 Visa.