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Germany Student Visa

To Study in Germany as a student the applicant must apply to the German Embassy or Consulate General for a student visa. Unless the student has a visa, he/she will not be able to study in Germany. The applicant can apply for a student visa only after securing the admission letter from the College/University.

An individual is not eligible to enter Germany on a tourist visa for study purpose. Those who aspire to enter Germany for the purpose of studying have to apply for a student visa, or for an study applicant visa. This visa will be granted if you have already been accepted to study in Germany. The study applicant visa (Studienbewerber-Visum) allows the applicant to enter Germany before his/her admission decision is taken by the university or college.

The university applicant visa is mandatory for applicants for courses which include Hochschule für Musik and Theater (College of Music and Drama). This will allow them to enter Germany for the entrance examination. This visa is useful for individuals who wish to improve their language skills in the country before starting their studies.

It is necessary for the applicant to hold a valid passport, provide proof of his/her financial means for the period of study in the country. The applicant has to have either a university admission or a confirmation of his/her status as a student applicant visa. He/she will also have to provide a evidence of the university or college which is in Germany, within a period of 3 months, in order to secure a residence permit for the purpose of the study. MoreVisas will provide complete assistance for obtaining a Germany Student Visa.