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Study in Newzealand

There are 10 levels of study in New Zealand schools and universities. The lowest level is a certificate and the highest is a doctoral degree. Each level is more complex than the one below it. These are the names of qualifications and their levels:

  • Certificates are levels 1 to 4
  • Diplomas are levels 5 and 6
  • Bachelors degree, Graduate diplomas and certificates are level 7
  • Postgraduate diplomas and certificates and bachelor’s degrees with honors are level 8
  • MBA & Masters degrees are level 9
  • Doctoral degrees are level 10.

New Zealand has given a number of scholars and experts to the world for years. Students of New Zealand are considered achievers in all aspects. A quiet and fun learning environment, magnified opportunities, fair competitions makes a student an all rounder.

Students who complete either of the following qualifications by studying in New Zealand are eligible for a twelve month open work permit:

  • A qualification at level 7 or above on the New Zealand Qualification Framework and studied that qualification in New Zealand for at least one academic year; OR
  • A two year qualification at level 4* to 6 on the New Zealand Qualification Framework and studied that qualification in New Zealand for at least two academic years OR
  • Two individual qualifications at level 4*to 6 on the New Zealand Qualification Framework, where each qualification is at least one academic year study in New Zealand, provided the second qualification is at a higher level than the first.

* Only National Certificates Level 4 or the newly introduced NZQA owned “New Zealand Certificate” Level 4 qualify

NZ Qualifications are highly valued by the world’s business and community

In New Zealand, every student enjoys a supportive learning environment. With relatively small class sizes, students receive more personalized attention from their teachers than they do in other parts of the world.

For international students, this personalized treatment extends beyond the classroom. New Zealand was the first country to adopt a code of practice that sets out standards for the care of international students, in and out of the classroom.

Advantages of Studying in NewZealand

  • Cost of education is cheaper in New Zealand as compared to US/ Europe
  • New Zealand qualifications are widely recognized and respected internationally.
  • New Zealand English is very similar to British English and is easily understood by most outsiders.
  • The climate is temperate with pleasant seasonal changes and is conducive to study and recreation.
  • A number of Indians have migrated in the last 10 years and have been successful.
  • Student Visas generally get approved as compared to countries like the US where a lot of visas are rejected.
  • Migration to New Zealand is possible on finishing your course.

NewZealand Universities at a Glance:

  • Auckland university of technology
  • avonmore tertiary institute
  • bay of plenty polytechnic
  • Christchurch polytechnic institute of technology
  • computer power institute
  • Cornell institute of business and technology
  • design and arts college
  • Eastern institute of technology
  • edenz colleges
  • elite international school of beauty and spa
  • icl business school
  • lincoln university
  • le cordon bleu
  • MFH institute
  • manukau institute of technology
  • massey university
  • national tertiary education consortium
  • nelson marlborough institute of technology
  • New Zealand career college
  • New Zealand college of business
  • New Zealand management academies
  • New Zealand school of education limited
  • Newton college of business and technology
  • Northtec
  • Otago polytechnic
  • pacific international hotel management school
  • Queenstown resort college
  • southern institute of technology
  • Tasman international academies
  • Uunz institute of business
  • the university of Auckland
  • unitec institute of technology
  • universal college of learning
  • university of Canterbury
  • university of otago
  • university of Waikato
  • Victoria university of wellington
  • waiariki institute of technology
  • waikato institute of technology
  • wellington institute of technology
  • western institute of technology
  • whitireia community polytechnic
  • yoobee school of design